Top 10 Organic and Natural Disinfectants and Cleaners

We believe there is an organic and natural substitute for every household product out there. All you need is the will to stick to natural and organic sources and a love for your health and the environment. Today we bring another informative article on organic and natural disinfectants that you can use in your homes. These alternatives not only effectively kill germs but also minimize exposure to toxins, making them safer for both humans and the environment. Here, we delve into the top 10 organic and natural disinfectants that can help you maintain a clean and healthy living space.

natural and organic disinfectant

1. Vinegar

It dates back thousands of years and has been well known for its disinfectant properties. Its acidic nature makes it effective in killing bacteria, viruses, and mold. In particular, white vinegar is commonly used for cleaning due to its high acidity. Mix it with water in a 1:1 ratio for a potent cleaning solution.

2. Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful disinfectant that is also eco-friendly. It works by releasing oxygen when applied to surfaces thus, effectively killing bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It can be used undiluted or diluted with water for cleaning and disinfecting various surfaces around the home.

3. Essential Oils

Essential oils, such as tea tree oil, lavender oil, and eucalyptus oil, possess antimicrobial properties that make them effective natural disinfectants. These oils can be diluted with water and used in spray bottles to disinfect surfaces or added to homemade cleaning solutions for a pleasant fragrance.

4. Citrus Extracts

Citrus extracts, derived from fruits like lemons and oranges, contain natural acids that can help break down grease and grime while also disinfecting surfaces. You can simply dilute citrus juice with water and use it as a cleaning solution to effectively kill germs and leave behind a fresh scent.

5. Baking Soda

Baking soda which is also known as sodium bicarbonate, is a versatile cleaner and deodorizer that can also act as a mild disinfectant. It works by altering the pH of surfaces thus making it difficult for bacteria and fungi to thrive. Mix baking soda with water to form a paste for scrubbing surfaces or sprinkle it directly onto carpets and upholstery before vacuuming.

6. Alcohol

Alcohol comes in various forms. We are talking here about rubbing alcohol or ethanol. It is a common disinfectant that is effective against a wide range of pathogens, including bacteria and viruses. It works by denaturing the proteins of microorganisms thus rendering them inactive. Use alcohol-based solutions with at least 70% alcohol content for optimal disinfection.

7. Castile Soap

Castile soaps are made from vegetable oils. They are gentle yet effective cleaners that can also act as a disinfectant when mixed with water. Its natural ingredients make it safe for use on various surfaces such as countertops, floors, and even delicate fabrics. Combine it with water and essential oils for added disinfecting power.

8. Salt

Salt, particularly coarse salt like kosher salt, can also be used as a natural abrasive cleaner that also possesses disinfectant properties. When mixed with water, it creates a solution that can help scrub away dirt and grime while also inhibiting the growth of bacteria and mold.

9. Cornstarch

Cornstarch is not only a staple ingredient in the kitchen but also a surprisingly effective natural disinfectant. Its fine texture helps absorb moisture, making it difficult for bacteria to thrive. Sprinkle cornstarch onto surfaces before wiping them down with a damp cloth to effectively clean and disinfect.

10. Thyme

Thyme is a fragrant herb commonly used in cooking. It also possesses potent antimicrobial properties that make it an effective natural disinfectant. It has active ingredients such as thymol which has been shown to effectively kill bacteria and viruses. You can steep dry thyme leaves in hot water to create a disinfecting solution that can be used to clean surfaces throughout your home.


By incorporating these organic and natural disinfectants into your cleaning routine, you can effectively kill germs and bacteria while also minimizing your exposure to harmful chemicals. These alternatives are safer for you and your family and also help promote a healthier environment for future generations.

Dive in! Start your sustainable journey today.

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