What is Organic Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil is a hidden gem when it comes to health and beauty. However, as with any other product, it is not free from industrial adulteration. So today we will discuss what is organic coconut oil.

What is Organic Coconut Oil?

organic coconut oil

Source of Wonder: Organic coconut oil is derived from the kernel, or “meat,” of mature coconuts. This is most widely used in tropical regions such as India and other south Asian countries. You will find them using it in day-to-day life. Because of its wide range of applications, it has earned itself the nickname “the Tree of Life.”

The Extraction Process: To harvest it, the flesh of the ripened coconut fruits is used. They are then subjected to processes such as cold-pressing and expeller-pressing. High heat can often kill the nutritional value of the oil, hence cold-pressing is preferred. You will often find labels that say “Cold pressed”, on oil products.

Uses of Organic Coconut Oil

organic coconut cooking

Cooking and Baking Organic coconut oil is a very useful ingredient in the kitchen. It’s a fantastic substitute for traditional cooking oils and butter. Actually, way better than the seed oils that we usually consume, which are known to be inflammatory. It has a unique flavour which is why it is popular among chefs and home cooks.

Skin and Hair Care: Coconut oil is not just for consumption with food. It’s an excellent moisturizer for both skin and hair. It can be used as a simple, all-natural alternative to commercial cosmetic products that have a negative impact to some extent.

Oil Pulling Oil pulling is a traditional oral hygiene practice that involves swaying oil around your mouth. Since coconut oil is healthier and safe, many people prefer that.

Natural Lubricant A rather odd usage, but you can go ahead and use it for your intimate moments too, as it is completely safe and natural.

Health Benefits

organic coconut skincare

Heart Health: While saturated fats have received a bad reputation,organic coconut oil is rich in MCTs, which are a different type of saturated fat, that boosts heart health. They may help raise good cholesterol levels and support heart health.

Weight Management The same MCTs are believed to increase calorie burning and reduce appetite, potentially aiding in weight management.

Skin Conditions Organic coconut oil is rich in certain kinds of antioxidants that can treat various skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Besides that, you can also use this as a moisturizer during the night.

Hair Care This is something which it is widely known for. You can find enough coconut hair oil products in the market. It’s not just for cooking or skincare – it can also help improve hair health. It may reduce hair damage and promote a healthy scalp.

Thus, organic coconut oil, just like organic milk or yogurt, is an excellent product, and as we saw, it has many use cases. You can incorporate this into your daily life, by replacing that chemical-based hair oil with a bottle of coconut one. Or that refined oil with a cooking coconut oil.

Dive in! Start your sustainable journey today.

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