Organic Coconut Sugar: A Healthier Sweetener Alternative

Sugar has earned itself a very bad name because of all the damaging effects it has on our bodies. While sugar is not that harmful, given that it is so rampant in our foods, it often makes things difficult for our bodies rather than supporting a healthy metabolism. In addition to that, many people are concerned about the sourcing of their sugar, with many wanting to have them as minimally processed with chemicals as possible. Keeping these in mind, there are several sugar alternatives, like stevia, sucralose, and organic coconut sugar. Today we will talk about how organic coconut sugar can be a great addition to your organic kitchen wardrobe.

Origins and Production

coconut sugar

Organic coconut sugar is sourced from the sap of the coconut tree. The sap is collected from the buds of the flowers and then heated to evaporate the water content. This leaves a thick caramel-like residue which is then dried to give coconut sugar.

Unlike usual sugar, which is heavily processed, coconut sugar is minimally processed and hence retains its natural texture and taste while also being a sustainable option.

Nutritional Composition

coconut sugar organic nutrition

Because of its minimal processing, organic coconut sugar retains much of its nutrient profile, unlike refined sugar. Coconut sugar is rich in potassium, magnesium, zinc, and iron. It also contains inulin, which is a type of dietary fiber. It is known to improve gut health and is classified as a pre-biotic.

When compared to refined sugar, organic coconut sugar is much lower in glycemic index (GI) which is a measure of how certain foods impact our blood insulin levels. This means that it can be very effective for those suffering from diabetes.

Finally, it is also rich in antioxidants which can help lower oxidative stress in the body.

Uses in Culinary Applications

coconut sugar culinary


As it is a sugar substitute, you can use it everywhere where you use sugar. You can add it to your bowl of oatmeal filled with organic oats and superfood berries like goji. The culinary uses are quite infinite. If you are looking for some good dessert recipes using coconut sugar then you can check them out here.

Hence, organic coconut sugar is a perfect, natural, and healthy substitute for refined sugar which we consume daily and rampantly. Adding this to your organic kitchen arsenal can be a very rewarding and healthy step towards sustainability and healthy living.

Dive in! Start your sustainable journey today.

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