Organic Dried Rosemary: A Nature’s Gift

Today we talk about rosemary, specifically organic dried rosemary, and what a delightful herb it is. Similar to other wonderful herbs such as dandelions and milk thistle, this spice has a whole host of benefits. Its leaves can be eaten fresh or dried and is also popularly consumed as a tea. Let’s delve into more of it’s details!

A Glimpse into History

organic dried rosemary

Rosemary is scientifically known as Rosmarinus officinalis, yep crazy name again. It is native to the Mediterranean region. There is an interesting fact behind its name. It comes from the words “ros”(dew) and “marinus”(sea). It was believed, that rosemary only thrived near the sea, and it was associated with memory enhancement and protection.

Rosemary was considered a symbol of fidelity during weddings in the Middle Ages, and so brides used to wear wreaths made of rosemary leaves as a sign of love and loyalty.

The Aroma: A Kitchen Staple

organic dried rosemary dish

Rosemary has been used as a spice across various cultures because of its wonderful aroma. Crushed, dried organic rosemary leaves, have always been capable of transforming any dish with its aroma. Because of this, it has been a staple in the Mediterranean as well as Middle-Eastern dishes.

You can add them to roasted meats and veggies to enhance their flavor. Add in some organic olive oil, and you have the most aromatic as well as healthy dish ever.

Health Benefits: Beyond Culinary Charms

Coming to the health side, this herb has plenty to give. While mostly known for its spice profile, rosemary is well known for its potential cancer-fighting properties. It has something called “carnosic acid” which studies have shown to fight cancer. The same carnosic as well as rosmarinic acids found in rosemary are also known for their anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, thus keeping our immune system strong.

Apart from this, rosemary has also been linked to stress reduction and has been seen as a memory enhancer, since ancient times. Studies have found a positive impact on memory when experimented with rosemary.

With all these health benefits, it stands out as a very unique spice that has more to offer other than just flavor and aroma.

Different Forms and Ways of Consumption

Organic dried rosemary is available in various forms – whole leaves, crushed, or ground. Each form has its benefits and serves the same purpose. Whole leaves are great for slow-cooked dishes, as the flavors get absorbed slowly. Crushed or ground rosemary disperses its flavor more quickly, making it ideal for marinades and quick-cooking recipes.

The culinary uses are diverse – sprinkle it over roasted potatoes, mix it into bread dough, or infuse it in oils for a homemade salad dressing. You can experiment with it at your own pace and come up with great recipes of your own.

Why Organic Rosemary?

rosemary organic

Because opting for organic dried rosemary comes with the assurance of a natural and chemical-free product. You get less to no chemically contaminated rosemary which is good for your health and your family and children. By choosing organic rosemary you also support sustainable farming practices that ensure sustainability and environmental preservation. Thus a win-win for everyone.

Where to buy?

When shopping locally, also ensure to see the USDA and non-GMO labels for authentic organic rosemary. If you don’t want all the hassle, you can buy it online from reputable brands and sources. Here are the ones we recommend.

Oregon’s Wild Harvest: They have raw organic cut rosemary leaves, perfect for anyone looking for pure raw leaves. They only sell organic and non-GMO products.

Mountain Rose Herbs: They sell a lot of varieties: from raw rosemary to rosemary powder to rosemary oil. They too sell only organic variants.


Thus, we see how rosemary is a natural gem bestowed upon us by Mother Nature. Millions of other daily-use herbs and natural items have tons of benefits, but we are not quite aware of them. Well, don’t worry; we have got it all. Share your experience with organic rosemary, let us know how you like it, and how it has helped you. Until then, stay tuned for more interesting natural delights.


  • Is dried rosemary as good as fresh rosemary?

Yes, for most use cases it is. If you need a stronger aroma, then you can go for fresh ones. But depending on location, it might not be feasible.

  • Is it OK to eat dried rosemary?

Yes! As we discussed, it’s a natural spice, and you can consume it in any way you prefer.

  • What are the best uses for dried rosemary?

You can use it for garnishing chicken and lamb dishes, it serves as an excellent topping for such dishes.

  • Where can I buy organic dried rosemary?

We covered it here, Oregon’s wild harvest as well as mountain rose herbs are excellent choices.

Dive in! Start your sustainable journey today.

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