Organic Nettle Leaf Herb: A Stinging Medicine

In today’s post, we are going to discuss another nature’s wonderful herb: the nettle leaf herb, also known as the stinging nettle. Stinging Nettle, because it has fine hairs that penetrate your skin and might cause pain or itchiness. Well, we know that sounds like they don’t want you around them, and that might be because they don’t want you to have the awesome benefits associated with it.

History and Origin

Nettle leaf is also known as Urtica dioica, yes we know, yet another weird scientific name. Some sources say it was used primarily in European regions, however, you can find various accounts about the Egyptians as well as Romans utilizing its benefits. The Egyptians used it for food and fiber while the Romans were known to use it for keeping themselves warm. In medieval Europe, it was used for relieving joint aches. All of this suggests, that despite their “stinginess” they still served a good purpose ( and still do as we will see).

What are the benefits?

organic nettle leaf herb

Nettle Leaf is very popular for its anti-inflammatory properties. Some people do seem to find relief from pain in certain conditions such as arthritis. Because of this, nettle herb is also known for supporting respiratory health. It also contains a compound called UD-1, this compound seems to mimic insulin, thus this might also help people with diabetes.

Apart from being a remedy for various symptoms, it also has certain nutritional benefits. It is loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals, making it a nutritional powerhouse. The nettle leaf herb is well-known for its rich calcium content, which can be a good supplement to your existing diet and might help prevent certain diseases. It is also a rich source of vitamin C which supports immune health. Overall, it seems to be a perfect candidate for a health supplement.

Why Organic Nettle Leaf?

We will now focus solely on the consumption of organic nettle leaf herb because we vouch for what is good not just for you, but also for the environment. With growing awareness, and more and more consumers for natural products, it is not uncommon for shrewd businesses to sell you impure and harmful products. Thus it becomes necessary for you to look out for original and USDA-certified products. As we usually say, organically sourced products such as organic dandelion extract or organic milk thistle powder, are going to be far more pure, least exposed to chemical treatments, and less damaging to the environment, when compared to regular counterparts.

Forms and Consumption

organic nettle leaf herb tea

Now, when it comes to consumption, there are quite a few options. Not all options are the same, and there isn’t one good answer. How you consume this, will depend on your personal preference, and your requirements. Here is a crude list of available options.

Raw Organic Nettle

That’s pure and raw organic nettle leaf which you can use directly. You might boil it in water and prepare a hot brew which can be used during cold. You can also use it directly to prepare tea.

Organic Nettle Capsules

For all the capsule supplement lovers, luckily it is also available in capsule form, which is easy to consume, and can be taken anytime as per your convenience.

Organic Nettle Tea

Now this is a very popular choice. We covered organic tea before and mentioned the number of variants is endless. Organic nettle leaf herb tea can be a very good way of consuming nettle for all the tea lovers out there. However, one thing to keep in mind is that while a tea can be a very soothing and helpful alternative, the concentration of nettle may vary.

Side Effects

While nettle has minimal side effects, we always recommend consulting a doctor, in case you are not sure about consuming it. If you don’t have any medical conditions, you can experiment and try small doses. With that being said, it is generally safe for most of the people.

Where to buy?

organic cut nettle leaf

When it comes to buying organic nettle leaf, there are quite a few options that we recommend :

Oregon’s Wild Harvest is well known for its organic supplies of herbs and various other natural supplements. They provide natural USDA-certified nettle leaf in various forms such as capsules and extract.

Mountain Rose Herbs is another great source of organic herbs and other herbal products. You can check them out and find authentic USDA-certified herbs.


In conclusion, nettle leaf has some really good uses and benefits, and has been around since ages for a reason. We encourage you to try it out and let us know your experiences. We firmly believe it can be a very healthy supplement to your existing organic a.k.a sustainable diet.

Dive in! Start your sustainable journey today.

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