Powdered Smoothies: A Healthy Alternative?

With the fast-paced world, more and more people are finding less time to indulge in a nutritious meal and hence often end up leaning on fast foods. This widespread problem ultimately gave rise to some quick-to-make healthy foods such as powdered smoothies that we are going to discuss today.

The Evolution of Smoothies

powdered smoothies

While we all know that nothing can beat traditional smoothies that are prepared from fresh organic vegetables and fruits. Fruits such as acai, goji, and even organic yogurt can be used to prepare some of the most delicious and healthy organic smoothies. However, it is not always possible for people to have access to fresh veggies and fruits. Sometimes we don’t have the time to prepare them either. In such scenarios, readymade smoothie powders prepared from fresh veggies and fruits can be a completely acceptable choice.

What Are Powdered Smoothies?

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The powdered form of smoothies is simply put, your favorite fruits and veggies that have been dehydrated and processed to be packed in powdered form. You can then rehydrate them with any liquid of your choice such as water, milk, or even other smoothies. This way you get all the nutritional benefits of the smoothies without actually going through the pain of preparing it all by yourself, that too anytime, anywhere.

Benefits of Powdered Smoothies

  1. Convenience: It should be quite patent, how convenient it is to prepare this anytime and anywhere. It beats the traditional preparation in all aspects.
  2. Extended Shelf Life: Fruits and Veggies get spoilt after some time, but their powdered and dehydrated form won’t, thus a longer shelf-life.
  3. Portability: The powdered form can be carried anywhere with you, from office to distant travels.
  4. Reduced Food Waste: Let’s be honest, we often end up wasting a lot of usable parts of fruits and vegetables, and using powdered form ensures that the wastage is minimal.


The ingredients used are of plenty of variety. From fruits, and vegetables to plant-based protein too. Dehydrated fruits like mango and papaya are often used. Among the vegetables, we have spinach and kale. Among plant-based proteins, we have peas and hemp. Certain superfoods such as acai and goji berries are added for their rich antioxidant content. Quite frankly the list is endless, and one can experiment with various combos.

Organic Powdered Smoothies

organic smoothies

As we are talking about fruits and veggies, can we ensure that they are organic, non-GMO, and sustainable? Luckily, we can. There are plenty of brands that meet these requirements. Some of the brands that specifically prepare these from organic and Non-GMO based fruits and veggies are:

  1. Amazing Grass: They have amazing collections of organic and powdered supplements as well as smoothies.
  2. Sunfoods: Widely known for their organic smoothies and blends, they are yet another giant in this area.


While it is important to understand that using raw fruits and vegetables is always going to be better, given the circumstances, using powdered forms of these to prepare smoothies can be a really wise decision. With a whole host of options available these days, you can try it out yourself and see what works best for you. We wholeheartedly believe it to be a wonderful choice given that there are various non-GMO and organic options available.

Dive in! Start your sustainable journey today.

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